Boat Strategy

This strategy encompasses a unique blend of system entries and exits that are unparalleled with most auto trading programs.

A strong focus on unique user defined Entry components with a Data 2 Entry variable with Volume, Trend, and Tick following indicator.

The system runs on all markets equally well as well with custom bar types.
Can be formatted to run aggressively or conservatively with little or no back testing required..

The Boat Strategy encompasses a unique blend of system entries and exists that are unparalleled with most automated trading programs.


There is a strong focus on unique, under-defined entry components with a data to entry variable and volume, trend and tick indicators.


The system runs on every type of market equally well whether you are trading in crude oil, treasuries, bonds, futures, forex trading or NASDAQ. 


The boat strategy can be formatted to run aggressively or conservatively with or without the requirement for extensive back testing. The Boat Strategy is a conservative blend of the Beyond the Basics Trading indicators.  It uses a unique NINJA TRADER methodology that is graded. It makes trades that are more certain. It uses a conservative money management approach to ensure that losses are limited. All trades are optimized to have the highest probability NINJA TRADER trade entry and exits. It is fully automated trading with preset profit targets and stops. Users may adjust position sizing to their particular preferences using the NINJA TRADER platform.


Within the system, entry orders are stop orders and exits are limit orders. The NINJA TRADER system has a maximum daily loss shut off, preset profit targets, stops and fast exists to close a position if market conditions change.


This is a very advanced system, now with the Volume Trend Originator indicator to filter optimal trend direction. It is the most profitable strategy in short-term trading and is great for ES Mini, Forex, and futures trading markets.


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