Package of Six Indicators
A great value and the complete set of highly accurate indicators for the advanced trader in today’s trading markets.


 Package of Six Indicators   


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A highly accurate NINJA TRADER divergence indicator used to Locate precise bottoms and tops in any market.
A unique NINJA TRADER Volume / Price based support and resistance Indicator that clearly shows what price and Volume levelSupport or resistance is encountered.A true real time indicator measuring distinct Volume/Price levels.
A great NINJA TRADER Trend direction locator for any market or time frame. Locate the market direction quickly, (Red TREND down) Then see Red CHANNEL That signal a Short opportunity and (GREEN TREND up),With GREEN CHANNEL that signals a buying opportunity.
A great NINJA TRADER trend confirmation signal using each bar to signal an up or down change in any bar type. Works on all timeframes and bar types, Keeps you on trend and avoids whipsaws. Standard / Custom bar type can be mixed and or overlayed with this Turn Bar Signal.
A dynamic price deviations action support and resistance levels generated daily for the most accurate price targets on a daily basis. Measuring both overbought and oversold levels on all markets.A excellent tool for knowing the exact levels on a deviation based formula.
The MULTY SENTIMENT ZONES 5.O indicator is a advanced muti data Sentiment Indicator that shows clear zones of overbought /over sold zones with dotted vertical blue and red lines on your trading chart. In addition, a zone is colored in blue or red that indicates a zone duration in time to show how long this zone is in progress.