Jerome Monte Carlo

The system is a forward geared NINJA TRADER anticipatory system that looks over probabilities
Of winning the trade vs. looking backward at what was to win a trade.
Most, 99%, of trading systems use a backward looking model, not a forward geared
We tend to focus on now, not what was,
Should we make the trade now?
Does it make sense?
The trading systems are a conservative blend of the BeyondTheBreakersTrading indicators.
A unique NINJA TRADER methodology that is graded to make the sure trades
and use a conservative money management approach to limit losses.

All trades are focused to be the highest probability NINJA TRADER trade entry
and exits, fully automated with

Preset profit targets and stops. Position sizing is adjustable per the user.
Using the NINJA TRADER Platform.

Entry orders are Stop Orders, exits are Limit orders.
The system using NINJA TRADER has a Max Daily Loss shut off, preset Profit Targets, Stops,
And fast exits to close a position if market conditions change.

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